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Let me start off with something I always enjoy saying: I F***ING LOVE CARTOONS!!!
I don't care what others say, what my peers say, even what my mother says, I bloody love cartoons. They're that little escape from the dark and gloomy reality we live in and for a short while show us this fantastic world of bizarre fantasy, memorable magic and, above all for cartoons, some side splitting humour. (Of course, these should be taken accordingly or, like me, you'll end up with an accent you never had before and people will keep asking you "Did you come from America?" Trust me, the joke gets old quickly.)

One cartoon I adored in my childhood was a 1980's series called Inspector Gadget. I don't know how I came to find out about it, but I loved it the moment I first saw it. It centers on the titular bumbling police inspector trying to stop the world being taken over by a maniacal terrorist, Dr Claw. As his name suggests, he is stocked to the brim with various gadgets including extendable arms and legs, a pinky laser, rocker powered roller-skates, a hand-embedded mobile phone and, something truly awesome, a helicopter hat. He was helped, unknowingly, by his niece, Penny, and their pet dog Brain, the two of whom manage to push Gadget in the right direction to stop the plot and save the world.

So why am I saying this? Well, recently I learned that a CGI-remake was in the finishing stages, coming soon to airing. Of course, the minute I heard of this, two thoughts crossed my mind; YES, MY CHILDHOOD IS RETURNING and Wait a minute...

Like I said, I loved the original series as a child, and whenever I managed to see an episode, it was an event. (This was a time before Netflix and iPlayer, even before the internet we know today existed so I couldn't catch up.) I even enjoyed the "mediocre" film that Disney made back in 1999, (I still like it a bit; it's my guilty pleasure film) and its 2003 sequel. So hearing it was coming back, I was ecstatic, but I was also a little bit worried. Most times I remember, remakes fall flat on their faces, be it film or TV, so I learned to take the news of the upcoming series with a pinch of salt. Then I saw three minutes of an episode, and my fears were put to rest...

Firstly, the title sequence. It is a very good sequence that has its own flow and yet still harks back to the original from the 80's. We're treated to a couple of the Inspector's gadgets at work, including a brand new jet pack. Does his organisation have a Q branch? We are also introduced to the main characters of the show: Gadget, Penny, Brain and Gadget's boss, Police Chief Quimby, who, in the series, presents Gadget with his mission against Dr Claw. Referencing the mission briefs of the 60's spy show Mission: Impossible, the mission-brief messages would self-destruct, usually in the direct vicinity of Quimby himself, causing him to be engulfed in a cartoony explosion. So it's nice to see that back. As for Penny, in the original series, she had a computer book, a disguised, portable PC which she used to keep in contact with Brain to help the Inspector. For the new series, it's been upgraded to wearable tech that can bring up holographic displays, which, although not as niche as the computer book, is still pretty cool, as she can also use it as a heads-up-display.

Now, the title music... Chances are you've heard the extremely catchy original theme tune. They aren't using that for this one. They've made a new rendition based of the classical composition, In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Edvard Grieg. Whilst not the same, you can hear a bit of the original in it, and it still is pretty catchy. As for why they didn't use the original, some say it's because of rights issues, some say other reasons. I'd like to believe that they didn't want to update or modernise it for fear of ruining the original's catchiness. That said, the original theme, with its original lyrics, are being used for the French dub of the show. Well, considering it was created by two Frenchman, as well as an American...

As for the new elements of the show, we have two new characters thrown into the mix. Firstly, Talon, Dr Claw's nephew, whose name I have just realised is a brilliant joke. He is helping his uncle in his bid for world domination by sabotaging Gadget's chances of foiling his uncle. He is also used as a bit of comic relief as evidenced in one scene where, in happiness at succeeding in <SPOILER ALERT>, he tries on a pair of hover boots. Naturally, his legs flounder around, making him do the Geddan dance. He also, as seen from some trailers, seems to be set up as a potential forbidden love interest for Penny. It seems a good enough gag and I can see how she might abuse that part of his nature to stop him and Dr Claw, but it's early days so we'll have to wait and see.

Another new character is ********* who has taken up a role of scientific assistant of Gadget's agency. Zany hair, lab-coat, bow-tie and huge amount of optimism, he seems to remind me of Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor, only a bit more animated and eccentric. As for the other returning characters, they all seem to be unchanged, voices excluded obviously. Gadget is still as bumbling and naive as usual, Penny still the helpful niece and Brain still the under-appreciated wonder-dog. As for Dr Claw, there's a few small changes to his design. We can see his body rather than just his arm, but his head still remains obscured. As for his titular weapon of choice, it was the one thing I think the Disney film did better than the original cartoon; it actually looked like a claw rather than a bandage glove as seen in the cartoon. In this new series, the claw is a metallic gauntlet with sharp pointed fingers, again harking back to the original design but also updating it and making it look more like its name suggests.

So from what I've already seen, the series seems to be good, remembering where it came from but also wanting to find its own two feet. The new characters look like they could add a good bit of humour to the show, whilst the original characters, although updated, are still the characters we remember from our childhood. All in all, it's hard to judge a series based on an opening sequence and not even three minutes of footage. Thankfully, I won't have to wait long as the series is starting in the UK and Ireland on Monday (16th February) on Boomerang. I'll post my thoughts on the first episode as some point that day. Until then...


[EDIT]: Turns out the scientist character I mentioned is a returning character called Professor Von Slickstein, who appeared in the original series. I don't remember seeing any episodes featuring the professor, so I incorrectly thought he was a new character.
Inspector Gadget 2.0 (My thoughts)
...or my view on my returning childhood.


Inspector Gadget (C) DHX Media
Carrying on from the title, I am feeling anxious about my repeat and am having slight money problems.
They should sort themselves out. The repeats finish on monday and money finds its way to everyone in time.
I just needed to vent the butterflies out of my stomach.
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